Strange Photos

Orbs 1

These are the first set of Orb photos for you to look at.  I shall be posting more in due course as and when I can get to them.

The subjects are from a variety of locations around the UK, Houses, Castles, Homes, Etc.  When trying to capture these orbs of light, I found it better to use a cheaper camara to do so as the cheaper models tend to have a weaker filter system so they do not interfere with the picture too much, whereas the better cameras such as a 35mm will filter much more of the anomalies.

Strange Photos

These photographs were taken over a long period of time and are only a few of the many hundreds of Orb photographs I have taken over the last few years. I have also seen many others brought in by friends and customers and some are indeed strange to say the least.  Having shown them to professional photographers they too are at a loss to explain the reason or cause of the objects

They were taken in many different places as you can read from the photo captions.  Whilst I make no claims as to the origins of these lights, I do have my own opinions and experiences , some of which I shall share with you in due course. But for now enjoy the photographs and form your own opinion.

St John the Baptist Church Lewes

The lights you will see on the photos are round and appear to be 3D, in other words round balls of light.  Many will dismiss these as specks of dust and light refraction which does have merits to it, and occasionally I have been able to reproduce these orbs by causing dust particles to enter the air by banging on the carpet or furniture.  These experiments did not ever produce the effects seen in these photographs and the best I got were dim refractions with no inner energy to them.  They appeared muted and dull but did resemble an orb in shape but that aside, thats where the ressemblance ended.

The orbs in the photos on these pages all have an inner energy to them and this is the reason for displaying them on these pages.  It is also worth mentioning that some experiments I did involved interaction by asking the orbs to appear in certain positions as requested and in the few times I carried this out, they did indeed show themselves where I asked.  This was shown by taking a photo of the spot where I asked them to appear and then observing the resulting shot.

I do intend to carry out many more experiments when I get the time to do so and I shall share these results with you after they happen.

Please remember that these photographs are Copyright and are not to be used anywhere else.