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Brighton Fish Barrow Boys on the seafront

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Portslade old Village

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Brighton Seafront 1930s

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Brighton Station Frontal View

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Sussex Village Store

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West Pier at night

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High Street Portslade 1970s

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Original Brighton Station

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Typical Sussex Railway Station 1900s

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Another View of Brighton Railway Station

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Portslade Old Village

Spooky Things

After spending many years on this planet earth, I have come to accept that things are not always as they seem.  From an early age I saw things that I could not understand and my parents told me it was just my imagination running away with me and that there was nothing there.

Well, maybe they were right, perhaps my imagination was over active, and perhaps the things I thought I saw were only figments of a fertile mind. Perhaps the experiences that happened to me through my teenage years were no more than hormones and fancies.  Could be that the apparitions that I saw and the very odd occurences that seemed to go on around me were little more than, in the words of one writer, 'a piece of undigested food'.

I never for one moment connected any of the sightings, events and happenings, to anything more than just coincidences. That was, until recently.

Since buying our health food shop I have come into contact with many compelling characters.  They were perhaps the catalyst for focusing my mind and opening my reasoning to the possiblities of things I had not considered before.

This I ask of you.  Keep an open mind.  See through eyes uncumbered by physical restraints and prejudices and seek only one thing - the truth........

On these pages in the Spooky Things section, you will find true stories, some of my experiences, photographs - some my own, others from visitors to the site, reputedly haunted places, and any other related items I come across which I feel worthy of this section.

So happy browsing.......

My Ghost Story No.2

My second ghost story also happened in Southern Ireland.

After our stay at Castle Ross in County Meath ended on Friday morning we had the rest of the day to travel down to County Cork in the South West corner of Ireland.
castle townsend front
Castle Townsend - Our room was on the right top floor

We had booked a stay at Castle Townsend for 5 days arriving on the Friday and leaving on the Wednesday. Our bedroom was situated in the right tower overlooking the inlet.

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My First Ghost Story

This story is close to home because it was myself that experienced it first hand.

It happened back in 2007 when my wife and I went on holiday to Southern Ireland.  We booked a stay at Ross Castle in County Meath for 5 nights on the top floor of the keep.  The castle itself consists of the old square keep with an annexe to the side connected by a glass, stone and wood foyer.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon to a deserted castle and parked the car just outside of the keep as you can see from the photo below.

Read more: My First Ghost Story




























































































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