My Ghost Story No.2

My second ghost story also happened in Southern Ireland.

After our stay at Castle Ross in County Meath ended on Friday morning we had the rest of the day to travel down to County Cork in the South West corner of Ireland.
castle townsend front
Castle Townsend - Our room was on the right top floor

We had booked a stay at Castle Townsend for 5 days arriving on the Friday and leaving on the Wednesday. Our bedroom was situated in the right tower overlooking the inlet.


It was on this first night that the visitation came and it happened around 2am.  I had been asleep for a few hours when I awoke and knew there was a presence in the room as I lay there.  At first it seemed to stay to the darkness but gradually moved forward into my vision, which although pitch dark I could actually she the young girl quite clearly. 

She told me her name was Polly O'Hara and she was no more than 22 years old with a typical Irish appearance with healthy complexion and quite pretty too.

I asked her if I could help her and she said she would like to tell me her tale so that others would know what had happened to her in the castle. 

Polly worked in the castle as a maid and she was taken advantage of by the then owner Edward.  He forced himself upon her and told her that should she say anything, she would be fired from her position in the castle and this would bring hardship on her family who depended on her income from her job at the castle.  Added to the fact that no one would believe her word over that of the castle owner, she felt she could not say anything to a soul.

A few months later however it became apparent to her that she had fallen pregnant from this act of the owner and she felt she had to confront him.  The date was in the 1800's but I do not have a definite time to tell you, but at this time it would have been shockingly shameful for Polly, but also very embarrassing for the castle owner.

She went to him and told him that she was pregnant and expecting a baby and far from shouting and being angry with her, he listened till she had finished and told her that he would take care of the problem in due course. He then ushered Polly out of the room to the stairway and told her to go to bed.  Polly somewhat relieved thanked him and went to descend the stairs when suddenly she felt a hard shove in her back and as it was unexpected, she cascaded down the stairs and was killed instantly.

townsend bedroom
Our bedroom at the castle and the bed where I experienced the story of Polly

The owner called the Doctor and the Police and told them she had an accident and had tripped by the stairs and fell to her death.  Being such a leading upstanding local figure of the community and the fact there was very little evidence to contradict his story, they took him at his word and removed Mary from the castle.  No one knew that Polly was pregnant, let alone that it was the castle owner who had made her that way and in those days even if there were an autopsy they may have kept it quiet to protect the family from further shame.

Poor Polly had been murdered just for being in the way and not a soul knew of her plight, until I learned of her tragic tale.  Polly finished her tale and faded into the night and I never seen nor heard her again during our stay at the castle.  By sharing this tale you to can keep Polly alive and and she will know that others now know what really happened at Castle Townsend.

If you know of the history of Castle Townsend and you can confirm this tale in any way I would be extremely grateful.  Even if it just that a Polly O'Hara worked at the castle or the owner's name was Edward would help to establish the truth of the castle haunting.

One evening just as my Wife and I were settling down to sleep we heard a sound just outside of our door in the hallway.  It sounded like a pebble being dropped on the ancient timber flooring and rolling along the floor.  We immediately got up and looked into the hallway, but could see nothing. The floorboards outside of our doorway were old timbers but also very noisy and creaked as you walked on them.  It would have been very difficult for anyone to have made a noise in the dark and move away without making thier presence known.

Note:  Another spirit came to me whilst at Castle Townsend but he was not strong enough to come through and all I really got from him was his name George.