History of Hove

Emblem of Hove





I have broken the story of hove into different parts so as to be easier to read.   The story is as you will see, quite extensive, taking in many forgotten facts of the borough and hopefully many interesting ones.

The 'Story of Hove' starts from Prehistoric times and moves quickly on through the Roman period to modern times when modern Hove came into being. It is from this point in time that the story becomes more elaborate and documented due to the abundance of records from these times.

Page 1:  From Prehistory to the smugglers era.

Page 2:  Starts from the Regency period upto the late 1800's.

Page 3:  Hove Street and Aldrington.

Page 4:  The Goldstone, Aldrington and the River Adur.

Page 5:  Dealing briefly with Brighton.

Page 6:  Describing some walks among the Downs and Villages.