History of Brighton

Brighton is not a place that would be held in the foreground of British history and many could be forgiven for dismissing it as having no relevance at all. But Brighton, like many other towns and cities, has a varied history along with varying degrees of social and economic imbalances.

These pages will, in due course, grow to give the visitor a bettter understanding of the history local to Brighton and it's impact on the surrounding areas. Most of the information here will be of original documents, official documents, eye-witness accounts, past historians and general knowledge of the local people.

My hope is that the visitor to this website will have a better image of Brighton's history than they may have come with and that they leave feeling that they have had a glimpse of British history they can understand and relate to. The best history of any place, are the stories of the local population - these imbibe a certain feeling of the past within the reader and allow them to taste the history of the area.