Sussex Buildings Misc.

A list of miscellaneous Sussex buildings.

Sussex is one of the oldest occupied counties in England and as such has a rich history and surviving array of buildings that were constructed throughout the different ages of our rich and diverse history.

The county is littered with examples of construction from Neolithic and Stone age man through to the present day, some of which have been lost and forgotten forever.  Our legacy includes buildings such as ramparts, forts, castles and palaces, but also more overlooked buildings the like of which may be hard to find elsewhere, whilst others are in abundance.  

Manor houses, stately homes, Inns and hotels, piers, historic houses, quaint oddities such as toll-houses and the like, though not as popular as the main attractions, are no less interesting in their appeal and story-telling abilities.  This section will hold this type of building, those that have perhaps , dwindled into the mists of time and receeded from everyday thought.

If you have any places that you may wish to suggest, then please do so.  I can do some research and check them out for publication on this section.