Gallery - Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle in East Sussex is most peoples idea of a fairy tale castle with it's wide moat and crenalated towers.

It stands alone towering above the earth that surrounds it defying all that would dare to attempt an assault upon it's stone walls.  Yet, assaulted it has been, and with great success one may add.  But the foes without were not an embattled army of soldiers, nor indeed the machinations of some mechanical machine designed to bring down the walls of such an edifice.  Neither the shot of rifle or the iron of the canonball has made much of a mark on this steadfast building of man.

The main enemy of Bodiam Castle has been Time itself, a slow but sure destroyer of men and buildings that no mere mortals could hope to contain.  Brought from certain destruction by a few men who had the vision to preserve such monuments for future generations it now stands protected by modern law and restorations are continuing each year.

If you have a passion for castles, then Bodiam is not to be missed.  You will also be able to read about the castle in the Bodiam Castle section on this website, under 'Castles of Sussex'.  In the meantime, to whet your appetite I have placed some photographs of the castle from my last visit below. Please Enjoy

  • Bodiam Castle and MoatBodiam Castle and Moat
  • Bodiam Castle showing BridgeBodiam Castle showing Bridge
  • Bodiam Castle viewBodiam Castle view
  • Bodiams WellBodiams Well
  • Entrance to Bodiam CastleEntrance to Bodiam Castle
  • From the Battlements 2From the Battlements 2
  • From the BattlementsFrom the Battlements
  • Good view of the levelsGood view of the levels
  • Internal side of the EntranceInternal side of the Entrance
  • Internal view - Ground floorInternal view - Ground floor
  • Internal view of the CastleInternal view of the Castle
  • Looking up the Well housingLooking up the Well housing
  • Main Entrance gate to the CastleMain Entrance gate to the Castle
  • Neat little window shotNeat little window shot
  • Rear view of the castleRear view of the castle
  • Wider rear viewWider rear view
  • bodiamcastle14bodiamcastle14