David's Tale in Hove

CHILLING EXPERIENCES - Brunswick Square: A brief history

Brunswick Square, Hove, Sussex

Situated in Hove between Adelaide Crescent and Regency Square, the Square along with Brunswick Terrace was named after Caroline of Brunswick, George the Fourth's unfortunate wife.  Both Square and Terrace have had notable inhabitants.

Among them are Prince Metternich, an exile from Austria took up residence in the Terrace in 1848. Madame Basevi, wife of George Basevi, whose sister Maria married Issac Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield's father. Lord Beaconsfield himself in later years stayed in Brighton. Admiral Westphal lived for many years at No.2.

One of the regular browsers of this website is David. He has for some time now had strange and sometimes, unpleasant experiences with what most of us would call the 'Supernatural', the 'Unknown', or just plain 'Spooky'.

I have read many books, around 150, on subjects as diverse as the supernatural, superstitions, witchcraft, sorcery, UFO's, possessions, folklore, etc, and of all these facts, stories, experiences, sightings and other reportings, I feel that most are explainable and can be attributed to natural phenomena or indeed tricks of the mind.

This does however leave a percentage that takes more explanation than we have knowledge of. I myself have experienced two such unexplained happenings, that was also experienced by others at the same time, and not just myself. Perhaps I shall get around to including those experiences on this site in future years.

David falls into this small percentage category of unexplainable events, the first of which follows;

David as already mentioned, has experienced many events of a strange nature and although these are included in the Sussex Pages, it may be more to do with David than Sussex!

This experience began when David went to visit some friends who had moved into Brunswick Square some years ago. The residence was a basement flat on the square itself, similar to many others of the Regency period in this area. Having had a disagreement with his friends some time earlier, David was hesitant about visiting them at this address. He also had an uneasy feeling about the place itself.

Being persuaded to enter the property, he set about inspecting the rooms as one does, giving the usual grunts of appreciation to the hosts. Each floor of these Regency houses have many rooms to cater for both family and servants. The basement areas would have been for the servants to carry out their duties, cook for the family and have storerooms, etc. On entering the basement area, a hallway runs the entire length of the building with rooms leading off this to the right.

At the very end of the hallway was a large doorway that had been sealed up to deny access to this part of the property (reason unknown?). To the right of this sealed doorway was a back room, completely empty, with a large window that looked out into a yard. Looking through this window one could see the part of the building that had been sealed off from use although nothing of the interior could be seen.

The only thing in this room was a built-in cupboard that had refused attempts to be opened and remained firmly closed. Trying to be helpful, David tinkered with the cupboard doors and eventually managed to free them and opened the cupboard. Unfortunately for David, what came out of the cupboard was a thick stench of what can only be described as rotting flesh. Gagging on the smell, David opened the window and leaned out to breath in the fresh air and clear his head.

On looking back into the room he saw the others standing at the far side of the room bemused by his behaviour when he felt overcome by a feeling of dread. All at once he felt sick, the hairs on his body seemed to stand on end and he broke out in goose bumps.

This was succeeded by a ghostly hand being dragged all down his back although he knew there was no one behind him as he could see the others clearly. Again the feeling of dread took over and he began to shake uncontrollably and there was a permeable evil in the air which galvanised him into leaving the building at once - he has not returned to this place since.

The residents of the flat had bad feelings about the place after his visit and strange things occured over a period of time. Windows would open mysteriously or even slam shut for no reason, things moved about the flat without explanation and a morbid feeling shrouded the place which ended up with the residents falling out with each other and eventually moved out.

There the story ends........................ or do you know different?