Some Archeological Sites

IT IS NOT CLAIMED that this list is complete but that the omissions are of minor sites and finds. The finding of a single implement has not been noticed except where, as in the Saxon period, it may be indicative of a burial, or where it may have particular significance as an import like that of a stone axe or a winged axe.

Finds of pottery have as far as possible been included since they probably indicate local habitation. Many omissions were made deliberately because there was considerable doubt concerning the nature or period of the objects. Roman brick in a church is noticed where there is no record of Roman structures in the parish. Moated sites are included only for areas where they are relatively uncommon.

The arrangement of the entries under each parish is chronological with undated earthworks (e.g. most barrows) and significant place-names last. Where a name is attached to a site of known archaeological significance, the name and site are placed together. A date after a placename indicates the period of its earliest known record and not of its earliest use.

National Grid references are given as accurately as possible but the published location is seldom precise enough to allow of anything but an approximate reference. Where no site references can be given, that of the village is included.

c.                     circa: approximate location
C.                    century
EBA                Early Bronze Age
IA                    Iron Age
LBA                Late Bronze Age
MBA               Middle Bronze Age
Med                 Medieval
Mes                 Mesolithic
N                      Neolithic
P                      Palaeolithic
PN                   Place-name
R                      Roman/Romano-British
S                      Saxon

SUSSEX (E) and (W) refer to the Eastern and Western parts of the County

(E). Med shrunken village, migration of site? 257162.

(E). LBA enclosures, fields and tracks 495035; R minor way 490048 etc.; terraceway 497050 etc.; barrows 500045 etc.; Celtic fields 483051 etc.; strip lynchet? 497053 etc. (or terraceway?); earthworks 481049.

(W). P implements from 70 ft. to go ft. ancient shoreline c. 930070;
R aristocratic cist burials; Med castle mound, Totehull 13C., used as a look-out point, 923047; Med park to S. of railway boundary bank!; PN Oldbury 14C., 920067.

(E) (270050). R.occupation.

(W) (915990). P implement, Acheulian.

(E). N long barrows 509035 tone called Long Burgh); MBA collared urn; LBA barrow cemetery, bucket and globular urns, c. 517021; LBA socketed axe of Breton type; S inhumation cemetery 517038; Med meeting-place of Longbridge Hundred 524036; barrows 497028 etc.; cross-ridge dyke and terraceways 508038 etc.

(W). Barrows 042125; Cross-ridge dyke 050124 etc.; Celtic fields 045123 etc.; Med castle earthworks 028132.

(W). Mes implements 900310.

(W). N open-cast flint mines and hut with track leading to them 081100; LBA or IA 'AI' cattle enclosure 081100; IA 'A' ditches (haematite-coated sherd) on site of R house and cremations 054045; R building? 082044 and 068089; PN Harrow Hill 13C· suggests pagan S shrine; Med shrunken settlement? 068089.

(W). R settlement and quay?  836029; Med? saltpans.

(E). Ironworking (cf. PN: The Furnace and Hammer Wood); PN Berry Farm and Burstow Hill 359291

(E). N long barrow 542033; R occupation on site of church 543075; R pottery 525090 and 538069; R building; Med castle earthworks, Burlough, 5310433 five Med moated sites, 544083, 558094 etc.; barrows 542033 etc.

(W). IA 'C' and R occupation with South-eastern 'B' ware also 015085; IA and R (late) occupation, 'Nanny's Croft' in Arundel Pk.; R building, Tarrant St.; S barrow inhumations; Norman castle mound and earthworks 019072; barrow and Celtic-field lynchet, Arundel Pk.; double lynchet road c. 015085; earthworks c. 985075.

(E). Ironworking until A.D.1828, 687160.

(W). R building c. 120150.

(E). Mes rock shelter; PN Brick-kiln Wood 322347; PN Kiln Wood 312333; PN Bury Wood 294298.

(E). LBA hoard and R pottery 433150; site of hundred-moot?

(W). R pottery; barrows 962158 etc.; earthwork 960153 etc.

(W) (960044). MBA merchant's hoard; BA? flint implements.

(E). Mes? flint implements c. 741176; R ironworking c. 745140, c. 786140 and c. 765175; Med hundred-moot 710187; later ironworking (cf.'PN Blacklands? 760135 and Ash Wood? 727173).

(E). Med moated site c. 858215; Med ironworking (cf. Brownsmith c. 863243)

(E). MBA collared urns c. 440055; LBA '2A' village, huts and enclosures 443053; IA 'A1' and 'A2' open settlement (including haematite-coated ware) until fortified in face of Wealden folk expansion and re-fortified by the latter against Romans - Caburn hill-fort 444089: pottery of IA 'A', Wealden culture 'ABC' and South-eastern 'B' and its derivative Asham-type pottery; R occupation; S? burials; Med 12C. adulterine castle 444089; Med shrunken village? 445078; barrows 452060 etc.

(W). R road as terraceway 848184 etc.; barrows 855169; Med shrunken village, Lynch, 849185.

(W) (928013). PN Tinhale (Barn) from (thing ='meeting')--moot site? <br /><br />Berwick<br />(E). Mound (S barrow?) in churchyard 519049<br /><br /><strong>Bexhill</strong><br />(E). MBA merchant's hoard; LBA winged axe; R inhumation; ironworking 747110 etc. (cf. PN Furnacefield); Museum, Egerton Pk.<br /><br /><strong>Bignor</strong><br />(W). N camp, 976126 (much damaged); R house 988147; R pottery, Glatting Down; R road, Stane St., agger and terraceway 970128 etc., and 977133 etc.; barrows, including R type, 969130 etc.; cross-ridge dyke 966134 etc.; double earthwork yielding LBA pottery, breached by Stane St., 973129 etc.; Med pot-making, using clay and flint of R road, c.<br />993141; Mes implements 993173<br /><br /><strong>Billingshurst</strong><br />(W). MBA hoard; R occupation 086258.<br /><br />Binderton<br />(W). Med deserted village (emparkment?) 851108.<br /><br /><strong>Birdham</strong><br />(W). Med deserted village, East Itchenor, c. 816005; linear earthwork, Brynes dic 10C., c. 840012 etc.?; PN Manhood 12C., meeting-place of hundred 840010.<br /><br /><strong>Blackpatch</strong><br />. See Patching.<br /><br /><strong>Bodiam</strong><br />(E). R road! 787263 etc.; R lookout platform (or Civil War, 17C·, gunsite?) 785260; R harbour? 790264; Med dock 786255; Museum, B. Castle. <br /><br /><strong>Bognor</strong><br />(W) (935990) P implement; MBA merchant's hoard and MBA founder's hoard.<br /><br /><strong>Bolney</strong><br />(E) (260230). S timbered road. <br /><br /><strong>Bosham</strong><br />(W). R buildings: beneath church 804039, 812052 and 812053; S? moated site 804039; field-name, Burfield 13C. <br /><br /><strong>Botolphs</strong><br />(W). R occupation c. 190093; Med deserted village? c. 193093 <br /><br /><strong>Boxgrove</strong><br />(W). P implements from 70 ft. to 90 ft. ancient shoreline, Acheulian, c. 914068; EBA beaker inhumation, Goodwood; IA? hill-fort, 921097; R road, Stane St., agger 925095 etc.; linear earthwork (Belgic defence of Chichester?) 900084 etc.; PN Oldbury 14C.) 920067; PN Crockerhill, 13C., 922071 <br /><br /><strong>Bramber</strong><br />(W). R occupation 185107; Norman castle mound and bailey 185107. <br /><br /><strong>Brede</strong><br />(E). R bloomery c. 810210; PN Hundred House, moot of Gostrow Hundred; field-name Wiacre 13C. (from wig/weoh,'temple'?), pagan S shrine? <br /><br /><strong>Brightling</strong><br />(E) (685210). Ironworking (cf. PN Glazier's Forge); Med hundred-moot of Henhurst probably in N.E. of parish.<br /><br /><strong>Brighton</strong><br />(see also Ovingdean, Patcham, Preston and Rottingdean). N causeway camp, Whitehawk, 330048: N habitation, Windmill Hill and Ebbsfleet ware; Whitehawk also, EBA habitation, beaker and rusticated sherds; EBA 'A' beaker inhumations, Church Hill (St. Nicholas); MBA hoard; MBA cremations in urns under barrow near Hollingbury; MBA overhanging-rim urn, Kemp Town; LBA, two hoards; LBA winged axe and socketed axes of Breton type (two); IA 'A1 ' contour hill-fort, refortified in 'A2', Hollingbury 322078: IA 'A2' and late South-eastern 'B' pottery; IA 'A1' occupation, Kemp Town; R buildings: Kemp Town, Round Hill Cres., and near St. Peter's Church; R finds, many in the town; R coin-hoard c. A.D. 250; Med shrunken settlement, Balsdean, 378060; Museum, Church St.

(W). N implements; LBA bucket urn; IA South-eastern 'B' pottery; R occupation; R burials 142078.

(W). BA and secondary R burials in barrow 048113, 'The Burgh' (beorg), from which also came an EBA 'B' beaker sherd; LBA barrow; R occupation 055084 etc., and several other sites on Downs; S promontory fort (a 10C. burh) 039086; barrow 055106; Celtic fields c. 060100 etc.; linear earthwork, Wepham Down.

(W). Med deserted village (emparkment?) 968175; PN not from burh.

(E). Med ironworking (cf. PN Forge Wood, 700262); PN Burwash 12C.
from burh-: earthwork c. 675247?

(W). R watering-tank beside R road, Stane St., 998149; Hundred of Bury met at Motstowe 14C.j cross-ridge dyke (faint) c.000121; barrows 990130, 002122 etc., etc.; PN Bury 11C. from burh; PN W. Burton means 'tùn west of Bury'?

(E). Mes site; late IA occupation; R occupation; Med deer-forest look-out point 474304 (like the two preceding sites); Celtic fields c. 4743013 16C. ironworking; PN Potter's Green 13C.) 504231.

. See Beddingham.

(E). N implements c. 387214.

(W). P. implements; EBA inhumation with food vessel; LBA urn; IA 'A' occupation 867046 and St. John St.; late Belgic occupation; R city: walls, bastions, houses, cemeteries, amphitheatre (867046); R occupation 877046; S occupation, wattle structures; Med castle mound 863052; linear earthworks 864061 etc., and 850066; PN Pidborough, from beorg, probably 'barrow'; hundred-moot at Stockbridge 859037.

(E). R bloomeries c. 563168; later ironworking (cf. Stream Furnace c. 552158); PN Burgh Hill 17C. 540130; PN Thunder's Hill 15C. 550132 very doubtful pagan S site.

. See West Tarring.

(W). IA or R occupation; Celtic fields and strip lynchets 095074; S burial mounds.

(E). N hoard of axes and pottery spoons; MBA barrow, cremation with collared urn, pigmy cup, faïence pendant etc. 304135; R bath-house 300139; R occupation 298141.

(W). R occupation 868167; barrows 863168 and 892166; cross-ridge dyke 894165; strip lynchet? 870172 etc.

Cold Waltham
(W). R road, Stane St., 024170 etc.; R coin-hoard, late 3C.

(W). IA! fort 766150; barrows 794163 etc.; lynchet? 797165.

(W). Med deserted village? 191083.

(W). PN Godshill, 202213 - pagan S site?; PN Potter's Farm 16C.

(E). Late IA and R bloomery 770127; R bloomery and mining sites 758108.

(E). R cremation; R occupation c. 303258; ironworking (cf. PN Furnace-green Shaw); PN Harradines (Harrowden etc. 17C.) - pagan S site?

(E). Late IA ironworking 652184; 16C. ironworking c. 680182.

(E). Med hundred-moot! c. 403276; PN Kidborough 393263.

(E). MBA collared urn; Celtic fields c. 480033.

(W). R road! 840170 etc.; Med deserted village? 835182; barrow? in square earthwork 834175.

(E). LBA founder's hoard; IA hill-fort and road 332130; IA and R pottery; barrows e.g. 319131 etc.; Frag Barrow 330178 (natural hill?); circular earthwork with entrance-Middle Brow.

(W). R burial; R road? 858027.

(W). MBA collared urn c. 9551155; R bath-house 960167; barrows 962188 etc.; PN Burton (not from burh); Med deserted village?, Burton, 968175.

(W) (120050). B occupation; PN Crockhurst 16C.

(W). R road! 815984 etc.; R coin hoard, late 3C.

(W). Late IA and R open settlement with Celtic fields 947100 etc.; R cremation in barrow 946102; R road, Stane St., agger, 936103 etc.; barrows 948101 etc.

East Blatchington
(E). R? cremations 483999; barrows 467010 etc.; PN Camp Hill 495014.

(E). P implements, Clactonian; LBA occupation, Kitchener's Furlong; LBA hoards, four, including a winged axe; IA 'AI' occupation; IA inhumation with imitation Belgic pot; B buildings and burials in the town; R occupation intensive c. 595995; B coin-hoard; S inhumations, 596006, Torfield and Mill Field; Med hundred-moot in Borough Lane (PN from beorg): Motcombe (Rd.) means 'valley near which the moot was held'; PN Moatcroft (Rd.) is near site of Norman castle mound (motte); barrows 592982 etc.; strip lynchet? 590984 etc.; ditch? 588983; Museum, Borough Lane.

East Dean
(E). EBA beaker sherd 560959; MBA hoard; LBA bucket urn from barrow (destroyed); IA? hill-fort? 560959; R inhumation 558970; barrows 564958 etc.

East Dean
(W). Barrow c. 900140, which may be the 'hill of holiness' of a charter, possibly a pagan S site Christianized; IA? hill-fort? and lynchets 900140; Celtic fields and bivallate track 918152 etc.; barrows (including bell type) 929145 etc.; barrows 935127 and 906118; PN Potcomb 918123.

(W). R brick in church 945051.

East Grinstead
(E). Late IA and R iron bloomery 369357; R bloomery 390357; R road 360338 etc.; Med, 11C., and later ironworking (cf. place-names in the parish); Med moated site? 361390; PN Crockshed (Crocksherd?) 377373.

East Hoathly
(E). Mes site c. 500164; ironworking; PN Whyly (from wig?) 13C., possible pagan S site; PN Crockstead 493179.

East Lavington
(W). Barrows 943156 etc., etc.; cross-ridge dykes 937160, 941158 and 947157; PN Bury 13C.

(W). R cremations; Med castle mound and bailey 238110; barrows 233113; Celtic fields, bivallate and double lyncher tracks 228102.

(W). LBA hoard (merchant's); IA camp 807183 (see Harting); barrow 807181; linear earthwork 815184 etc.

(E). PN's: Burgham 11C., 702280; Burgh Wood 725275; Shoyswell 11C., site of hundred-moot; Pentwood (Pentotes 16C.), look-out point; ironworking.

(E). N stone axes; R road 782240 etc. (cf. PN Streetfield 787205, 13C.); PN Staple Cross 12C., 781224, meeting-place of Staple Hundred.

(E). Med hundred-moot c. 860II9; PN Fishponds Farm.

(E). EBA beaker 'B' burial; MBA collared urn; R cemetery (R and IA South-eastern 'B' pottery), 362118; R settlement, earthworks and Celtic fields 370111; Med deserted village, Balmer (from burh, 11C.) 359100; barrows, 365116 etc.; earthwork, valley enclosure, 361080; bivallate track 360104; double lynchet track 363110; ancient pond 359098; PN Patchway 8C. (from wèoh) - pagan S. shrine, c. 328101?

(W). LBA founder's hoard c. 960010.

(W). Mes site c. 917300; ironworks, closed A.D. 1776, 877284 etc.

(W). M? BA cremation; LBA '2A' and '2B' settlement, 092044; LBA hoards; IA 'AI' rectangular contour fort, Highdown. Finds include 'A2' and 'B' wares, 092044: refortified in R period; R bath-house 088043; R occupation 094026 and 080043; S cremation and inhumation cemetery 092044; Celtic fields 092044 etc.; windmill tump c. 092044.

(W). N/EBA flint mines 113083 and 3110088; EBA (late) beaker burial with rusticated pottery; BA barrows c. 109089; MBA occupation, overhanging-rim sherds 113084; IA Open settlement,'AI','B' and Wealden wares, 142097/8; IA 'AI' rectangular huts 109095; IA occupation site (unexcavated) 144093; R circular shrine and ritual burial of ox-skulls 109095; R occupation 108089 and 148084; Celtic fields 129108 etc., and 110088 etc.; ancient track 122104 etc.; ancient pond 110089.

(W). R buildings 839046 and 843045.

(W). P implements, Acheulian; Mes site, Bedham Hill; PN Street Farm 13C.

(E). P forgeries (Piltdown) 4392173 N? implements, Piltdown; Med hundred-moot 443230; ironworking.

(W) (000036). R burials and building (destroyed).

Forest Row
(E). R bloomery 398347; R and Med bloomery 447384 (cf. PN Hammerwood); PN Tylehurst 413340; PN Kilnfield 420387.

(E). Med hundred-moot (cf. PN Hundred House 515218); 17C. tilekiln; ironworking (cf. PN Pounsley Furnace 526218); PN Bushbury 525191; PN Crockstead 13C. 493179.

(E). Mes? rock shelters 560382; IA ironworking (PN Colegrove) 591326; late IA and R pottery in iron slag c. 586329; IA (Wealden culture) promontory fort 560382; later ironworking in parish; Med archery butts, F. Green.

(E). N (secondary) pottery sherd; IA pottery c. 545992; S inhumation; barrows 544966 etc.; ancient pond 551982; PN Westburton 11C. c. 545975.

(E). Mes sites c. 238123 and c. 250130; R pottery, Fulking Corner.

(W). Belgic? linear earthwork 820066 etc.; R aristocratic cist burials by cremation, 833072; Celtic fields 805102 etc.

(E). MBA cinerary urns and incense cups from barrows; R minor road 463093 and causeway 462090; S inhumations; barrows 446098 etc. and 446094 etc.; square earthwork, Fore Down?, from which R finds.

(W)(110030). PN Streets Copse 14C. PN Potlands 17C.

Graff ham
(W). Barrows, including bell type, 914163; Celtic fields 918153 etc.

(W). R coin-hoard, c. A.D. 350; R cremation cemetery; Med shrunken settlement? 043I58.

Hadlow Down
(E). Med moated site 519226; ironworking (cf. Huggett's Furnace 14C. 532260).

(E). PN Tile Hurst (i.e. tile east) 16C., 575100.

(E). R occupation 393124 and 398113; R road, agger, 392153 etc.; Med deserted village? 414122; Med castle earthworks? (damaged) 404128; barrows 380123 etc.; PN (Mount) Harry 17C., 383123 possibly from hearg, a pagan S shrine.

(E). M or LBA hoard; R barrow on Celtic field lynchet 268084; R inhumations and cremations; S inhumation c. 270080; Med shrunken village, house-sites of 13C. - 14C. excavated 271075, double lynchet track 270080 etc.

(W). Belgic pottery; R posting-station with defensive bank, 031174 with settlement, cremation cemetery and pottery-making nearby; R causeway c. 040173 etc.

Harrow Hill
. See Angmering.

(E). Late IA earthwork enclosure 474311; R road (section left open) 461391; local site of hundred-moot?; Med castle mound? 482361 (cf. PN Castle Field);ironworking (cf. PN Furnace Pond etc. 454399).

(W). Mes site c. 783227; IA'AI'! and 'A2' hill-fort, Torberry 13C. (ploughed out) 7792043 IA 'A2' hill-fort, Beacon Hill, 806184, defences recut in Belgic or early R period; IA hut shelters, 'A2' and' B' pottery, 792185; R farmstead, enclosure bank and lynchets c. 800172; R occupation at various sites, e.g. c. 800190; Romano-Celtic temple 806184; R minor road, cutting through cross-ridge dyke 797187; cross-dykes 797184 and 765185; barrows 786266; S barrow c. 7971873 strip lynchets 780202 etc.

(E). Mes site 297154; N clay spoons; LBA cemetery, bucket urns 297154; IA South-eastern 'B' pottery from R cemetery 296154 with nearby R settlement; S cremation and inhumation cemetery 296154; Med hundred-moot, Buttinghill 298156.

(E). Mes site 820095; R Settlement 804093 etc.; S? promontory fort (burh) 833100 etc.; Norman castle earthwork 821095; Med kilns for pottery and tiles 13C.; earthwork, N.E. of castle; Med hundred-moot, Baldslow 11C. (from hlàw, probably 'hill'); Museums: Cambridge Rd. and High St.

Haywards Heath
(E) (330240). LBA urn; R pottery.

(E). Circular earthwork (ploughed); ironworking (cf. PN Furnace Wood); PN Cade Street 13C., 604210, and PN Street End 13C., 606237.

(E) (580I23). Hundred-moot of Dill in this parish; PN Norbelton (from north burhtùn 13C.).

(W). Mes site; IAZ promontory fort? (much damaged) c. 218159; S? moated site 209133; PN Streatham 12C., 201138 referring to R road; PN Barrowhill 13C., 218152; PN Chestham (from ciest, 'chest, coffin'?) 218180; hundred meeting-place at Hundredsteddle? 228151, and, at another period, at Moustows Manor?

(E). R cremations 647104; later ironworking (cf. PN Cinderford (Cottages) 14C.); PN Flowers Green (from flõr?) 638115.

(W). R terraceway; barrows 901194 etc., 901190 etc., and 895166 etc.; cross-ridge dykes 908165 etc. and 894166 etc.

High Down
. See Ferring.

See Brighton.

(E). Rbloomery (destroyed) 784139.

(W). Mes sites in parish and district e.g. Roffey c. 200320 and Colgate c. 2303303 PN The Castle, 198341 (earthwork) and Owlscastle 201337; PN Crockhurst 10C.

Horsted Keynes
. Late IA pottery manufacture, c. 384262?; products revealing fusion of South-eastern 'B', Belgic and Wealden cultures; ironworking (cf. PN Cinder Hill 379298).

(W). BA and R pottery 002105; R? cross-ridge dyke 000103.

(E). MBA barrow (destroyed): inhumation with amber cup etc.; BA burial, Lower Tongdean; LBA founder's hoard.

(E). R house 279151; R occupation 279165; R tile-kiln 286155; R road 275153 etc.; PN Wanbarrow 271158 (from beorg,'hill'?); PN Berrylands 17C. (burh), PN Tott Farm, look-out point?

(E) (880165). R ironworking.

(W) (250380). Ironworking.

(E). EBA 'B' beaker c. 4040583 barrows 401061 etc.; ancient pond 378043; rectangular enclosure, Castle Hill, 378068; Med hundred-moot at Swanborough 11C. 'peasants' hill', 401078.

(W). Mes site; R posting-station with defensive earthwork 843262; R occupation c. 849255 and 852230; B road 849220 etc.; R ford? 850227; barrows 848216 etc, and 847222.

(E). Mes site; R road 444190 etc.; Med castle mound and bailey 442180; mound? 442182; Med village site? near 444182; PN Owlsbury 460200.

(E). N causeway-camp, Ebbsfleet pottery 574022; R pottery and coins 576022 from bell barrow (MBA); disc? barrow 576022; Celtic fields 570017 etc.; PN Broughton 11C. (from burhtùn), earthworks c. 563034; PN Farnstreet and Street Farm - R road?

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Some Archeological Sites